2019 Schedule


10:30AM | Costume Makers and Dancers with Cyber Link
CY8ER:Link is a part of Weeb Streets, a collective whose goal is to share Japanese Dance Music & Culture with the world. This group covers songs from the Japanese Idol Group: CY8ER and creates their own outfits as a group as experienced costume makers.

11:00AM | Nightwalks with Amber and Jordan Thomas
Since the first time they wrote a song together over 8 years ago, Amber and Jordan found a strong bond through music that started a beautiful friendship. Each song tells a story of their journey to finding one another.

11:30AM | Makerspace in the Library
A presentation to share how libraries and Makerspaces are a perfect match. As Makerspaces grow in popularity, there is one surprising place that they are showing up – Libraries.

12:30PM | Cosplay Showcase
Cosplayers are Makers and we hope to show off your skills and projects in a hand-made prop and costume showcase at Maker Faire.

1:00PM | Scale Model Car Exhibition
This is a non-profit group dedicated to expanding the hobby of automotive scale modeling. To accomplish this they travel to car shows, museums, libraries, art galleries and other events where they display their models and give training seminars to help bring education and awareness to the hobby.

1:30PM | Sawyer Cigar Box
John is visiting from San Diego, CA. He is passionate about music and making his own instruments. He wants to tell guests how it’s done, what inspired him, and play a few riffs.

2:00PM | Spark Science!
Fox 13’s TV Science Guy is coming to show you, way cool S.T.E.M. stuff you can easily do at home! It’s Ben Hyde with SPARK Science. Come ready to move! This is full participation science! Science experiments for kids and adults that can be easily done at home. I.E. Cloud in a bottle, Alcohol Rockets, Air Cannon, Hovercraft, Homemade blacklight, Carbon Dioxide rocket, Giant Bubbles, Bead Chain Fountain, Double Blind spots, Cheshire Cat illusion (making your face vanish), Jacob’s Ladder, aquarium science and lots more.

3:00PM | Telegraphy in the Latter Days
These teletypes are 100 year old technology but are equipped to work with modern tech. Watch in awe as an electromechanical wonder converts ASCII art and text messages from your phone into type-printed magic.